Angular Directives

A directive is a class with a @Directive decorator.
A component is a directive-with-a-template; a @Component decorator is actually a @Directive decorator extended with template-oriented features.

Two other kinds of directives exist:
1) Structural directives
2) Attribute directives.

They tend to appear within an element tag as attributes do, sometimes by name but more often as the target of an assignment or a binding.

Structural Directives
Structural directives alter layout by adding, removing, and replacing elements in DOM.

 Attribute Directives
Attribute directives alter the appearance or behavior of an existing element. In templates they look like regular HTML attributes, hence the name.

The ngModel directive, which implements two-way data binding, is an example of an attribute directive. ngModel modifies the behavior of an existing element (typically an <input>) by setting its display value property and responding to change events.

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