Angular 6 new features and breaking changes

Angular Elements
The Angular Elements will allow you to create an Angular component and publish it as a Web Component, which can be used in any HTML page. If there is an existing non-SPA app built using JavaScript and jQuery, the developers of this app will be able to use Web Components built in Angular in the pages of such an app.

Ivy renderer
This is a code name of a new renderer that will make the size of the app smaller and the compilation faster. The size of the Hello World app is only 3KB gzipped.

Bazel and Closure Compiler
Bazel is a build system used for nearly all software built at Google, including their 300+ apps written in Angular. Closure Compiler is the bundling optimizer used to create JavaScript artifacts for nearly all Google web applications. The Closure Compiler consistently generates smaller bundles and does a better job in dead code elimination compared to Webpack and Rollup bundlers. In the upcoming releases of the Angular framework, you’ll be able to use this toolchain for building your apps as well.

Component Dev Kit (CDK)
CDK is already used by the Angular Material library, which offers 30+ UI components. CDK allows you to build your own library of UI components and control page layouts. It also supports Responsive Web Design layouts eliminating the need for using libraries like Flex Layout or learning CSS Grid.

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